Sunday, October 19, 2008

Objectivités-La Photographie a Dusseldorf

Becher's Chateaux d'eau

Yesterday I saw this exhibit at the Musée d'art moderne with my photograhy class. It was entitled Objectivities, with an emphasis on the "s", as it was an extremely broad interpretation of the theme. Predominately featured were Hilla and Bernd Becher's black and white photographs, which were really cool to see in person. Plus, the French word for "water towers" is "chateaux d'eau" (castles of water), which is so much more lovable. 

Another highlight was getting to "curate" my own series on display. A German artist named Jorg Sasse had a work where the viewer could choose a card off the wall which indicated a particular theme (mine was "headdress"). The card had a code, which indicated to the gallery assistant which photograph to pull from a huge stack. On the back of that photograph was a list of codes, from which the view chose the next piece. Repeat 7 times, hang, and you've created your own series. The gallery assistant was seriously sick of his job--I don't blame him! 

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