Tuesday, October 28, 2008

French Women Don't Get Fat.

I haven't read the book, but through close cultural observation, I can tell you why. 
Here are my top 5 realisations:

1. The sidewalks on those adorable streets are impossibly narrow. Even on Boulevards where there would seem to be ample room, Parisians refuse to be accommodating. It's not at all in the Italian ragazzi sense of linking arms and creating a "red-rover" sort of barrier, but rather, in the super chic way of carrying a massive leather bag, scarves flying in all directions, cigarette in hand used as a tool for grandiose gestures....
If you wanna squeeze by, you'd better be minimal in width.

2. The physics involved with teetering around in extremely high heels doesn't work as well if you aren't stick skinny.
3. The washing machines are tiny, and therefore make up for lack of size in the time involved in spinning the clothes. Clothes always come out at least 2 sizes smaller than when they go in. I speak from personal experience.

4. For meals, Parisians have cigarettes and café.

5. Everything is miniature. European refrigerators can't hold as much food, the showers are about 2 feet in diameter, food comes in smaller packages...

Even you wanted to be fat, you couldn't be. 

My one question is: what happens to all those croissants?

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