Saturday, October 18, 2008

Le Musée du Louvre

Mummified kittys

For the record, the Louvre is not my favorite. However, since it is the Mother of all Art Museums and I've got some time on my hands, I figure I should give it a fair chance. Especially so, since "young people" (which I apparently still am) get in for free on Fridays after 6pm. Therefore, I've decided to spend one hour each Friday exploring the collection, for however many Fridays it takes to view everything. 

Yesterday I got lost in the Sully wing viewing the Egyptian antiquities.  My favorites were the sleeping dog with five little puppies (for Kelly), and the case of mummy cats. At some point of my visit, I got absorbed into a group of French 5th graders on a field trip doing some sort of treasure hunt. Super fun. I'll be back for more next week!

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