Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jeff Koons @ Versailles.

Oh that pesky Jeff Koons. He's everywhere, including at the Chateau de Versailles until December 14th. My friend Alicia and I journeyed to the castle on Sunday for a little mini-break from Paris. Fortunately, I am content to resume my art tour of Paris, now that I have my student card in hand (i.e. free everything!). 

The chateau is massive, so perhaps it was a good thing that the weather was miserable and we weren't tempted to venture into the gardens. We kept ourselves busy wandering through the Grands Appartements, Hall of Mirrors, Chapel, Galleries....the decor, furniture, and paintings completely blew me away. Did you know that if you lined up all the canvases, they would stretch for miles. True story. Equally as fascinating is that all of the court crowded into the bedchambers to watch the queen in labor. Gross.

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its a secret said...

I wish I was in Paris with you, not in the VCU library writing papers and studying pueblo pottery